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Your goals & dreams for your kitchen are achievable! Bringing these dreams into reality doesn’t have to be hard, we make everything easier for you. We have done the work to create lasting relationships with the top home builders, contractors, & designers in the surrounding area, and welcome the opportunity to bid on your next home project! Our clients have come to expect extraordinary solutions after years of working together. Our experience in the industry is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether the project is a single custom home or multi-unit developments, our full team of experts are ready to handle the task you bring to us with the best selection in appliances, designs, and flexible payment plans on top of competitive pricing. Once we have your project details, we can begin the process of getting this done for you as efficiently & effectively as possible, no more headaches or stress, we have your back. Get started today!


Professional Experts

Experience & expertise is what sets our team apart from our competitors. You will find that our team can handle just about any task you have to get through, allowing you to shop with confidence. We are a family-owned business, with a strong commitment in building the most knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you with your purchase, ensure a smooth transaction, and maintain your satisfaction even after the purchase!

Concept to Completion

The process begins with an initial meeting to find what you are looking for and how you are looking to accomplish everything. If necessary, we can always offer suggestions or professional advice based on your needs, guidelines, or budgets to make sure the process continues as smooth as possible. Our goal is to make your job easier and achieve the results you want to complete.

The Full Selection

Find anything you need with our vast selection of high-quality appliances. Brands that you know and love offering performance and longevity you can trust. We also understand having a selection this big can make the selection process difficult, which is why our team can guide you into a choice that best fits you and your circumstance, no matter the project size or budget restrictions. Find your next home appliance with our help.

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Builder Services